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Case History

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Dr. Nair

I had sustained some permanent dental injuries during a motor vehicle accident in the late 80s. I went along with life not really feeling that I had a choice in making any difference to the way I smiled. Then I happened to come across The Raman Center for Advanced Dentistry and I was excited by the several success stories I saw. I am very impressed by the overall professionalism that Dr. Raman and his staff displayed. Dr. Raman was very through, paying attention to details of my needs and showed equal consideration for both the appearance and functional outcome. He is very accessible and seemed to personally care. I have no doubt that he is an expert in his field. Dr. Raman's Staff is very warm, friendly and flexible. They were even pleasantly accommodating for the unforeseen snow day. I am quite impressed. This whole matter has been a very rewarding experience for me. Thank You.

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After Picture 1
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After Picture 2