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I had not seen a dentist in a few years when I was introduced to Dr. Raman. My life today is much different than it was the day I met him.

I was a victim of domestic violence which resulted in a missing front tooth. I also had a very crooked remaining front tooth. My self esteem was shattered to the point I felt I was no longer employable or socially accepted. I felt my life as I had known it was over. I have no dental insurance, nor monies to pay for dental work.

Dr. Raman offered his services free of charge to repair the damage and give me a beautiful smile! This resulted in my confidence skyrocketing from a 2 to a 10!

Dr. Raman and his awesome staff treated me as if I was equal to a paying client! They showed me kindness and respected each stop of the way. The procedures were quick, painfree, and even nurturing to my self esteem. Dr Raman -- for payment -- asks that I do something to help others someday.

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