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PPM Mouthguard

As a practice that has a national reputation for treating TMD, using Neuromuscular dentistry concepts, the importance of proper bite relation with the muscles in balance is a foundational principle for us. We use this every day to help guests that have been suffering pain and various symptoms of TMD.

But what about the vast majority of people that donít have a perfect bite relation, but have NO pain or other symptoms? How about helping them achieve better bite alignment temporarily for improving sports performance?

This is a new and exciting application of Neuromuscular concepts. Pure Power Mouth guards are made to align the jaw to a an unstrained Neuromuscular position, so that the energy that was used to compensate for poor jaw and body alignment is released for improved power in those sports activities where that is important.

But what about balance? When the body is properly aligned by aligning the bite properly, the balance is improved tremendously. Can you think of where THIS would give you an advantage in sports?

How about golf? Improved POWER for those long drives? Improved balance to land those drives on the fairway or for that long putt? The possibilities are endless. Football, basketball, gymnastics, boxing etc. etc.

Learn more about this exciting NEW application of Neuromuscular concepts, by following this link (


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