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Patient Education

Transforming Smiles [PDF]
A slide show on Aesthetic Dentistry Treatment Steps

Bone Graft [PDF]
A slide show showing a new approach to prevent bone voids and avoid dry sockets. Reduce jaw bone loss after tooth removal and avoid 'dry sockets' with synthetic sterile bone grafts at the time of surgery.

Muscle Deprogrammer [PDF]
A slide show showing a new way to treat clenching habit. Protect your teeth from wear and fractures with Muscle Deprogrammer.

Diagnostic Records [PDF]
A slide show on your diagnostic records. Diagnostic records include a Panoramic View, Necessary X-Rays for cavity detection, study models, and digitial diagnostic photographs.

Bonded Metal-Free Bridge [PDF]
A slide show on a Bonded Metal Free Bridge.

Onlays [PDF]
A slide show on Onlays. Deteriorated mecury fillings lead to decays that destroy tooth and lead to abscesses. Bonded porcelain onlays preserve structure and strengthen the teeth. They look beautiful also! Bonded onlays become part of the tooth!

Small Cavities [PDF]
A slide show on small cavities. Decays that seem small may hide more serious problems. Diagnosing cavities with explorers alone misses 3 out of 4 decays. Intra oral camera and diagnostic lasers are better devices to catch decays early.