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What Other Doctors Say

Below are some letters written by doctors from across the USA and other countries.

Janet M. Roberts, B.Sc., D.M.D.
"Your decision to share your skills and knowledge with your fellow colleagues is greatly appreciated and I for one am very grateful that you do so!"

Kenneth E. Beard, D.D.S.
"Your 'One-Shot' Temporary Techniques proved invaluable and I have used it for every full mouth case I have done since the course."

James M. Groeber, D.D.S., PA
"I feel I have made a friend and a resource for all my questions regarding ideas, excellent patient care."

James M. Groeber, D.D.S., PA
"You helped my staff immensely and were excellent as my clinical instructor."

Charles G. Martin, Jr., D.D.S.
"With your techniques, the full mouth reconstruction procedure went extremely well and my patient's smile and bite turned out beautiful."

Robert S. Maupin, D.D.S., PA
"Thanks for everything you do for all of us and for being a great teacher/resource so that not only are we able to learn from you, but also for our patients to get a type of dentistry they, and I, never thought was possible."

Craig Newman, B.D.Sc.
"The result was absolutely stunning and personally I believe it was one of the best transformations achieved on our course."

Rashmi Parmar, D.M.D.
"Prabu's professionalism, bundled with humility and excellent teaching skills are sure to remain a treasure and inspiration to us."

Kathleen Carson, D.D.S.
"Thank you for your exceptional contribution to our profession."