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LVI Mastership

Triathlon of dentistry:

Restoring teeth to create a natural and beautiful smile is quite a challenge.

Solving Temporo Mandibular Dysfunction to relieve years of headaches, migraines, neck pain, jaw pain etc. is an even bigger challenge.

Combining TMD treatment through Neuromuscular dental principles, restoring all of the teeth at one time with beautiful aesthetic restorations and then finishing the case for long term success is akin to a Triathlon of dentistry.

LVI Mastership is just that. In order to achieve it, one has to have completed all 7 courses of the core curriculum at LVI that prepares the doctor to treat such complex cases and pass a rigorous written test over the material from all these courses with a 90% grade or better. Then three completed and thoroughly documented cases need to pass the scrutiny of the examiners. The “error margin” of vertical measurements from start to finish of the restorations in each area – right posterior, left posterior and front – is 250 microns (¼ mm) or less. Considering that every tooth is restored in the upper and lower jaw, this level of error margin is a challenge. K7 Jaw computer scans are also submitted to document the physiology of the cases. A successful oral examination over these cases is the last step for achieving LVIM.

No wonder very few in the world have achieved the distinction of “LVI Master”. I am honored to be in the company of 11 of these amazing dentists as of 2010.

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